Frequently Asked Questions

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Where's the Titleist and footjoy gear?

Titleist and Footjoy equipment is not available to buy online due to Acushnet's online trading agreement. We are a stockist and have many deals on both Titleist hardware and balls, and Footjoy shoes and waterproofs. We are highly competitive and always will do our best to beat any price you have. Come in store or shoot us an email and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Repairs, re-grips and re-shafts

Why not customize or fix your old gear?

GolfSmack has the facilities to re-grip and re-shaft your clubs, with loads of options in shafts and grips its best to come in to our store and I'm sure we will find the answer your looking for.

how do we get such good prices?

Here at GolfSmack we are devoted to getting you the best deal. We often buy in bulk and are constantly checking our competitors prices. Although GolfSmack is new the people behind it have been in the golf industry for over 35 years. This time and experience gives us an advantage on helping our customers get what they are looking for, great prices!


Don't settle for stock standard!

What ever your looking for we can tailor it to your needs. Whether it be thickening your grips or finding the right flex in shafts, we know what we are talking about. We also provide vouchers to be fitted at Callaway and Titleist. If your looking at the newest equipment we strongly advise this.